Allison Crowe performs Joni Mitchell's River - music + video


There was a funny article in the L.A. Times. The guy was ranting, “Why are all these people covering Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’? It’s overexposed.” That’s what he said, and I thought, “This person has no concept of what a standard is. A standard is a good song enjoyed by many.” A lot of singers wanted to sing it, and it kept the song alive. ~ Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words - conversations with Malka Marom

"Who cares what I meant? What does it mean to you?" ~ Joni Mitchell

Allison Crowe recorded the song for her "Tidings" album (2004), saying: "River... Joni Mitchell's whole album Blue is timeless."

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Allison Crowe performs Joni Mitchell's River live

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"An intensely moving rendition of "River," one of my favorite holiday tunes. When the artist sings the crystalline, sorrowful line "I made my baby cry," you can almost feel the tears welling up inside." ~ Carol Swanson, ChristmasReviews & Professor of Law at Hamline University (USA)

"One of my favorites; there is a pinch of Shawn (Colvin) in Allison's voice, except imo Allison has more punch and emotional bite in her vocals. She makes singing this song seem easy, and anyone who's tried it will tell you it's not." ~ Bob Muller, Joni Mitchell Discussion List (USA)

"Allison Crowe's solo piano version... may not sound so different from the original at first, but listen again and the subtleties stand out: Crowe's majestic tonal read turns the song on its ear." ~ Cover Lay Down (USA)

"truly transcendent" ~ Joseph Blake, The Times Colonist (Canada)

River lyrics as performed by Allison Crowe

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